Gamma sensors play an important role in oil and gas exploration, providing measurements of naturally occurring gamma radiation in the formations adjacent to the wellbore.

Designed to be compatible with all Tensor QDT style MWD tools, our proprietary QGRTM module is designed specifically for high-temperature harsh environments, utilizing proprietary active suspension technology and survivable to 185°C.

QGRTM delivers quick response and maximized crystal volume bringing about increased sensitivity. The ruggedized bialkali photocathode titanium crystal (PMTC) housing, is designed to be suitable for high vibration and survivable to 200°C.

There are several keys to the QGRTM

  • Proprietary high temperature electronics.
  • High temperature 1" ruggedized PMTC assembly.
  • Proprietary rigorous testing methods on every US made PMTC during production process to screen out non-compliance.
  • Proprietary Twin Mode Active Suspension™ which places active radial and axial suspension in a layer on layer within the full PMTC assemblies.
  • Microprocessor-DSP technology to integrate active filtering eliminating spurious vibration induced counts.

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