QDC is a specialist in developing and manufacturing drilling technology – currently offering sensors, electronics, and calibration services. We differentiate ourselves by integrating higher grade materials and components in each proprietary product line, which we back with our industry leading warranty program, QUALi-TTM. Our customers have continued to purchase our products because they can rely on the superior durability, which carries with it longer life, increased reliability and functionality.

Our calibration services are the highest volume in the North America market with a turning capacity of over 200 units per month, and utilize our own stand design along with proprietary QCalTM software. Our stand design allows for a more even and controlled temperature cycle delivering consistent and efficient calibration turns that are typically sent back to our customers in less than a week’s time. The facility uses total field calibration (TFC) rather than Helmholtz coils and has been built in the middle of our 20 acre property using Non-Ferrous materials. We use a live proton magnetometer to capture real-time changes to the field gradient, which averages 15 nT.

As part of our customer focus, QDC provides OEM products to specialty M/LWD product lines in the marketplace. We are always open to assisting M/LWD tool designers with their electronics and sensor components.