QDC's FusionXTTM is an innovative integrated MWD directional sensor that incorporates QDC's precision sensor components and high temperature electronics with the well proven DIM and VIBMONTM V2.10 & V1.12 firmware respectively from the Enteq Upstream™ XXT product line. This maintains QDC’s outstanding hardware design, manufacturing and warranty protocols.

FusionXTTM combines three separate assemblies that together measured nearly 70" into a mere single 34" chassis - QDC's 175°C QDOMTM; XXT DIMTM; XXT VIBMONTM. The reduced length cuts out two connection points, which are typical failure modes, as well as adds to the rigidity of the mechanical assembly to battle against shock and vibration.

The VIBMONTM incorporates the precision measurements from the QDOMTM to monitor downhole shock and vibration in three axis and provide real-time telemetry to surface. The VIBMONTM visualization on surface provides a valuable aid to the rig crew for avoidance of costly shock and vibration that can lead to downhole equipment failures lower ROP.

FusionXT™ is standard 175°C and is compatible with Enteq's PowerHopTM.

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